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Harper's Folly

Warning: Canadian content (so, relatively polite language), immature subject matter (politics), no nudity, and anti-violence.


Sovereigntists agendas

Throughout the Leadership debates, Duceppe repeatedly asserted that his party votes for Quebec and not for Canada. Martin pointed out that to align with the government on some issues would decrease anti-federalist discontent in Quebec, and that the Bloc had voted against some Liberal proposals in order to keep the flames of separatism burning. Given Duceppe's vehement declarations of separatist ambitions, this seems quite plausible.

I suspect that may Quebec-Canadians do not realize that to vote Conservative rather than Liberal will not ultimately favour anti-separatist feelings in Quebec. Harper cares only about his own ambitions and used the Bloc for his own political ends. Duceppe, of course, despite being left of Liberal, used Harper right back. If – shudder the thought – Harper attains a majority government, the people of Quebec, federalist and separatist will be cast aside for Western and Corporate interests.

As for Liberal corruption during AdScam – surely I'm not the only Canadian to have noticed that the majority of participants were Quebecers or of French-Canadian descent. Unless I'm mistaken, Guité is not an Anglo name. I am not accusing Quebecers of being any more corruption-prone than other Canadians – people like Grewal, for example – I am saying that it struck me as hypocritical for Duceppe to crow about Liberal corruption in AdScam, when Quebecers were the main participants. Ah, but what politician cares about hypocricy at election time?

One big question. How did the Bloq, which clearly represents the interests of only one province, attain federal party status? Does the Bloq support candidates in a majority of ridings across Canada? No, it doesn't - see for yourself at the official Bloq website or Bloc Qu�b�cois. If a province-biased separatist party is allowed federal status, what is to prevent a "federal" Bigot West party with candidates confined to Alberta? Yes, yes, we've already had the Reform party, but what if Harper's Regressives are not sufficiently "right wing", euphemistically speaking, for Albertans?


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