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Nice Decent Party?

Sure, we have the choice of sending more NDP candidates to parliament. Under any other circumstances, this would probably be a good idea. After all, Jack Layton wants to represent the working family, working family, working family, working family .... working family.

Ed Broadbent claims that only the NDP could balance an RC win. Either Ed has never comprehended math or logic, or, more likely, Ed believes that none of his prospective voters could recognize the illogic of this claim. The last election demonstrated that Canadians can do the math. I can only hope that they are able to think logically when it comes to the crunch.

To chose NDP in order to balance a possible Regressive Conservative tide means not to vote Liberal, and AdScam or not, the Liberals retain a higher percentage of the popular vote. So, a vote for Layton could translate to a vote for Harper's Regressive Conservatives and their not very well hidden agenda – hardly a choice that someone with a middle or left-of-middle social conscience would want. Equally, for someone with a social conscience to vote Green – even though those appear to be well-meaning candidates – would be to throw away a vote against Reform agendas.

How can a vote truly protect the working family? Choose whatever party is not blatantly trying to buy your vote with fiscally irresponsible promises, and don't waste a vote intended to avoid Reform policies by voting for a cannot-win candidate.


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