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Harper's Folly

Warning: Canadian content (so, relatively polite language), immature subject matter (politics), no nudity, and anti-violence.


Stand Up for Canada = Do NOT vote for Harper

Stand Up for Harper's Ambition. Stand Up for the Rich. Sit Down for Canada.

If you wish to keep that smug smirk on Stevie's face, vote Regressive.

Remember how the infamous "Alliance" happened? The Progressive Conservatives governed so poorly that Conservative fortunes were on the wane across the nation. Westerners of Extreme Right tendencies embraced the entrenched bigotry of the Reform party. Most Canadians, particularly those in ethnically diverse Ontario, would not dream of voting Reform. Harper's best chance for apparent respectability and real power to promote his "ideas" lay in an Alliance with the PCs. Canadians were wise to the ploy, so the (Reform) Alliance party became the (Regressive) Conservative party. We could say that at least they were not hypocritical enough to call themselves Progressive Conservatives – except that they could not do so because that party ceased to exist when the Reform party took over. Of course, the RC's will not admit to being Regressive Conservatives until they are elected. Once elected, the disguise will be shed and regressive social policies – damage minority rights, eliminate the right-to-choose – will rear their ugly heads.


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