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Harper's Folly

Warning: Canadian content (so, relatively polite language), immature subject matter (politics), no nudity, and anti-violence.


Funny, Sad, Too True

It's a relief to see that someone else is comparing Harpercrite to Hitler. Hitler too took advantage of a weak leader and a plethora of political parties. Both garnered only 37% of the popular vote in democratic elections. This means that 63% didn't want Hitler and 63% don't want Stevie Blunder and his gang of brown nosers.

The Rogue got his prorogue to save his democracy-destroying Regressive hide.

What next? Kristallnacht? Burn down the Parliament buildings and blame the coalition?

I agree on only one thing -- Albertans are welcome to leave Canada -- they can leave the dirt and the oil behind. I hear that Baffin Island is nice at this time of year.