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Leaders? Hardly!

I started this blog as an outlet for my frustrations over the obnoxious antics of a particular party during Question Period.

Two particular individuals – mentioning no names – behaved in a vocal and adolescent manner that obstructed parliament and forever destroyed their credibility as party leaders worthy of respect.

Any who watched the obnoxious, hypocritical antics of the RCs ought to have understood exactly why Belinda Stronach made the personally-politically-risky move of crossing the floor to join an embattled government. Harper's interpretation that Stronach deserted the (Regressive) Conservatives because she would "never be leader" said nothing about Stronach and volumes about Harper's psychology and ambitions.

I'll explain. Had Stronach truly been so puerile as to wish to desert the RCs purely because she had not been elected leader, she would have done so much sooner. Harper and the RCs will assuredly manage things so badly that the RCs must ultimately choose a different leader, and, had Stronach stayed she should have had a far greater chance of attaining the leadership of the RCs than she will of the attaining leadership of the Liberals, let alone retaining her seat in a conservative riding.

However, when Harper was illogical and inaccurate in his accusations against Stronach, he revealed why HE would have acted as she did. He would have decamped in a fit of pique over not attaining all of his ambitions. Harper does not care about Canada, Harper only cares about Harper, Harper, Harper, and about becoming PM. The smug debate smirk and his antics declare this to be the case over and over again.


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