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Warning: Canadian content (so, relatively polite language), immature subject matter (politics), no nudity, and anti-violence.


The Worst of All Evils

On January 23rd, Canadians will have the opportunity to choose the least of four evils or the worst of four evils. One must never underestimate the average voter's short memory, gullibility, greed, or lack of understanding of the true character of the candidates. If Canadians choose the worst evil, we will have a majority Regressive Conservative government, and Canada will lose Quebec and be handed piecemeal to the United States.

Time prevents listing all the evils of the political administration to the south whose abominable president was never voted into power by a majority of Americans. Giorgio Dubaya Borgia is without doubt the worst of the political leadership evils in North America, but Harpy runs a close second. Scary? You betcha.


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